Silent Auction


Make sure to check back frequently,
as bids will be updated as soon as they are received by the Village Office.






Bids will be accepted until 4:00 P.M. on May 24th, 2024 Check out the listed items for sale in the Galleries! (That's below.)
 Minimum bids are $20.00 /sign Email us at
Anyone can bid as many times and on as many signs as they wish Indicate the number of the sign you are bidding on

If you win, you will be contacted and told you won!
That will be the correct time to donate your winning bid amount(s) to
ANY Registered Charity(s) of your choice. 

(Without this information, your bid will be invalid.)
You will be required to provide Administration with a copy of your
Registered Charitable receipt
showing the amount you donated
was the amount of your winning bid.
 Indicate your bid price:
How much you would like to donate for the sign. 
Once we receive a copy of your receipt, you will be
informed of how and where to get your sign! 

You will be donating to the Registered Charity of your choice.
Do NOT send the Summer Village of Lakeview any money, please.



Auction Photo Gallery:

Bids Close: May 24th, 2024 at 4:00 PM
** The Village Administration will contact the WINNERS WITH THE HIGHEST BIDS ONLY. **

If you win the bid, you will be informed by email that the time has come to donate your winning bid amount to the Not For Profit - Registered Charity of your choice.
When you provide your charitable receipt, we will indicate how you can receive your winnings!


CURRENT BIDS will be listed with the photos.

Sign 1 -
Matt Anderson bids $100.00

Sign 2 -
Earle Robertson bids $25.00

Matt Anderson bids $125.00

Sign 3 - 
Earle Robertson bids $25.00

Matt Anderson bids $125.00

Sign 4 -
Matt Anderson bids $125.00

Sign 5 - No Bids Yet

Sign 6 - No Bids Yet

Sign 7 - No Bids Yet

Sign 8 - No Bids Yet

Sign 9 - No Bids Yet

Sign 10 - No Bids Yet

Sign 11 - No Bids Yet

Sign 12 -
No Bids Yet

Sign 13 -
No Bids Yet

Sign 14 -
Matt Anderson bids $125.00

Sign 15 -
No Bids Yet

 A charitable organization must be registered under the Charitable Fundraising ActA charitable organization is defined as an organization that asks for contributions to be used for a charitable purpose or charitable organization.

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