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Summer Village of Lakeview
Regular Council Meeting

When: December 8, 2023 @ 2:00 PM

The Council meeting will be held Via Telecommunication.

Join Zoom Meeting: TBA

Find your local number: TBA 

Please call the Administration Office for details. 780.691.4465

** The Agenda and Attendance details will be posted here before the meeting.

Lakeview Silent Auction



* Bids will be accepted until 4:30 P.M. on December 8th, 2023
* If you win, you will be contacted and told you won! (That will be the correct time to donate your winning bid amount(s) to
ANY Registered Charity(s) of your choice.)
* You will be required to provide Administration with a copy of your Registered Charitable receipt showing the amount you donated was the amount of your winning bid.

Once we receive a copy of your receipt,
you will be informed of how and where
to get your sign!

Check out the listed items for sale in the Galleries! (That's through the button!)
Email us at
Indicate the number of the sign you are bidding on. (Without this information, your bid will be invalid.)
Indicate your bid price.
How much you would like to donate for the sign. 

You will be donating to the Registered Charity of your choice. Do NOT send the Summer Village of Lakeview any money, please.

Current Level – Fire Restriction

Fire hazard conditions are at a level where fires can start and grow quickly. No open burning fires or major burn operations are allowed.

Fires in fire pits (with a screen), burn barrels/incinerators with screens, as well as gas/propane stoves, barbeques, and fire pits are allowed.

Residents are reminded to be extra vigilant. Soaking the area adjacent to fire pits with water is recommended. Hazard levels across the province are available at

Please call the Village Office should you have any questions. 780-691-4465

Thank you,
Council & Village Administration

Municipal Affairs Online Surveys

Municipal Affairs is gathering feedback from the public and stakeholders to inform potential legislative changes related to councillor accountability in the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and changes to the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA).

The potential changes are intended to improve accountability and maintain public trust in local elections and elected officials in Alberta municipalities. We invite you to share your perspectives on the potential changes through the
Online Surveys, which will be open from November 7, 2023 to December 6, 2023.​​​​​​

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) survey focuses on six areas related to councillor accountability: The LAEA survey focuses on five main areas:
  1. Councillor training
  2. Allowing Council to meet in private
  3. Disqualification rules for councillors
  4. Minister’s authority to remove a councillor
  5. Changes to recall legislation
  6. Clarify conflicts of interest
  1. Voter eligibility
  2. Voter list
  3. Political parties
  4. Advance voting
  5. Runoff elections for
    Chief Elected Officials
To provide your feedback, please follow this link:
To provide your feedback, please follow this link:

Free FireSmart Home Assessments

Parkland County is now offering free FireSmart Home Assessments to residents of Parkland County, including the Summer Village of Lakeview, and other Summer Villages.
County residents can get a free FireSmart Home Assessment to learn how to protect their homes from wildfires. Each assessment takes about 30-45 minutes, and it's important that you're there too. 

Our FireSmart experts will:
1.     Tour the outside of your house and yard for things that increase your risk during a wildfire.
2.     Provide a customized report based on what they see with actions on how to reduce the risk of damage by wildfire.
3.     Share helpful tips to make your home less susceptible to wildfires.

If you've completed the suggested safety improvements in the report, you can ask for another assessment later if you wish.

Visit Parkland County - Free FireSmart Home Assessments for more information!

Speed Limit Change

Please be advised, that the Summer Village of Lakeview
has changed its speed limit from:

30 KPH to 20 KPH
This speed change is effective immediately.
Should you have any questions, please contact the Village Office at


Thank you,
Council and Village Administration

2024 Removal of Caragana from Lakeview

As you know, in 2022, we received the Forest Assessment Report for Lakeview. Since then, Council has been on a mission to comply with all suggestions for the health and safety of Lakeview and its natural environment. One area of concern is the suggested removal of all Carragana from ALL of Lakeview. As the Caragana trees and shrubs are not native to Lakeview (or Canada, for that matter) and are, in fact, invasive, we would like to inquire with residents about removing them. With a little diligence and planning, we can keep our Village intentionally beautiful. But we need your help!

Proposal:         If enough residents are interested in cutting down and bringing all fallen/cut Caragana debris
                         to the road, Council will cover the costs of woodchipping and removing debris from the Village.

When:             Spring 2024
Respond By:  February 16, 2024

More Information:
At the August 30, 2023, Regularly Scheduled Council Meeting, Council discussed options for the removal of the Caragana trees and shrubs in Lakeview. As per recommendations made from the 2022/2023 Forest Assessment, Council has decided to collaborate with residents to seek levels of community interest in handling the problem as a team effort.

We are asking all residents in Lakeview to please contact the Village Office with their thoughts on removing the Carigana from their properties. Would you be interested in taking on this project in the Spring of 2024? Let us know!

We will be collecting responses at and 780.691.4465.

Council and Administration


Caragana arborescens, the Siberian peashrub,[1] Siberian pea-tree,[2] or caragana, is a species of legume native to Siberia and parts of China (Heilongjiang, Xinjiang) and neighboring Mongolia and Kazakhstan.[3] It was taken to the United States by Eurasian immigrants, who used it as a food source while travelling west. In some areas of the United States it is considered an invasive species. Introduced on the Canadian prairies in the 1880's, the hardy caragana provided shelter-belts, wildlife habitat, nitrogen fixation, and wind-breaks to prevent soil erosion and snow drifting.

It is a perennial shrub or small tree growing 2–6 m (6 ft 7 in – 19 ft 8 in) tall.[3] Typically, it has a moderate to fast growth rate, being able to grow one to three feet during the first year after trimming.

The leaves vary from light green to dark green, and are alternate and compound with many small leaflets. Fragrant yellow flowers bloom in May or June. The fruits are legumes which contain many seeds, and ripen in July. As the seed pods dry they have a tendency to twist and pop open, releasing the seeds.[4]

Gate Distruptions

Please be advised that there have been several complaints regarding the gate's call system. We have spoken to someone with Telus and they are having disruptions in service with their tower upgrade in the area. These disruptions are causing the voice-over-internet not to work. They are hoping they will have completed fixing the problem in the coming week.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Council and Administration

Lakeview Gate
and Emergency Response Vehicles / Village Suppliers
We have been receiving several inquiries at the office regarding the operation of the Lakeview Gate, especially for emergency vehicles and suppliers.  The following is an explanation of the process for each.

In the case of emergency vehicles entering the Summer Village, they will automatically have access to the gate operation, there will be no need for assistance from residents. 

For our service suppliers (water, sewage, gas, power) they will also have permission/codes granted via the Administration Office.  Any contractors that residents have coming to their property will have to allow them individual access as per the following:

  • When a guest or contractor arrives, they can look for your address in the call box located outside of the gate. The phone system will ring three (3) times in a sequence of the numbers given until all three (3) numbers have been called.
  • Incoming calls to your respective phones, will all display “+1 (780) 640-1053”. It is recommended to store this number in your Contacts under Lakeview GateYou cannot phone the system back as it is a one-way call from the panel.
  • Once the call is answered, you will have thirty (30) seconds to confirm the identity and/or purpose of the caller.  If accepted, press the number one (1) on your phone keypad which will automatically activate the gate to open.  This will enable the visitor access and will not close until the vehicle has passed through the gate.

For general construction activities, the resident may get a loaner fob for a damage deposit of $100 available at the administration office.  Please allow four working days upon request to receive this fob.

In the event of a power outage, the gate is set to automatically open and stay open until power is restored.

Council and Village Administration



Please be Advised

The Summer Village of Lakeview has been experiencing illegal dumping on Municipal Property. Specifically, we have been finding piled brush and yard debris in the fireguards. This is incredibly unsafe in our current climate and defeats the purpose of why the fireguards were installed in the first place.

The Kapasiwin Transfer Station, located at 3503 Township Rd. 533A, RR 35, N of Hwy. 16 takes yard debris and brush. As it costs money and resources to utilize the transfer stations, we ask that residents take it upon themselves to properly dispose of their yard waste.

Dump Cards are Required. Please contact the Village Office at 780.691.4465 if you require a dump card.

Thank you,
Council and Village Administration

Docks, Piers & Wharfs
Mooring Disturbance Standard
Effective immediately, a Temporary Field Authorization (TFA) will be required for placing a mooring structure for personal recreational use in Crown-owned bed and shore, for longer than 14 days.
Mooring structures include: Docks / Piers
Mooring Anchors for Buoys
Boatlifts and Shelters
Swimming Rafts and Wharves

User Guide For Dock Authorizations - April 2021.pdf
Application For Dock Authorizations - Application Form.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Waterfront and Semi-Waterfront Property Owners - April 2021.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Shared Docks Fact Sheet - April 2021.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Moorage Allowance Infographic 2021.pdf
Mooring Disturbance Standard Back Lot Property Owners Fact Sheet - April 2021.pdf
Disturbance Standard Temporary Seasonal Docks Mooring Structures - April 2021.pdf
Contact List for Dock Authorizations.pdf 


For more information contact:

Melissa Chisholm, Land Management Specialist 111 Twin Atria Building 780-643-0636  
Lands Delivery and Coordination South Branch 4999 – 98 Avenue  
Forestry and Parks Edmonton, AB  T6B 2X3    

Fireworks in Lakeview are Prohibited.

Bylaw # 3-09 Bylaw to restrict the firing of fireworks within the Summer Village.

Residents wishing to inquire about setting fireworks off within the Summer Village can submit a written request for special permission from Council.

All requests are to be sent to

Wabamun Lake Boat Access

For information regarding the Engagement Sessions regarding the Wabamun Lake Boat Access, please click the link below.

Wabamun Lake Boat Access Project.pdf • 414.3 KB

Birdhouse Donation

Many thanks to Resident Rene Hebers for the delightful collection of birdhouses he donated to the Summer Village!

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