Information and Notices
for the Summer Village of Lakeview


Regular Council Meeting

     is Scheduled for May 29th, 2023, at 2:00 pm.     

The Council Meeting will be held at Lakeview.

Please call the Administration Office for details. 780.691.4465



Fire Restriction

This is to advise you that we are updating the Fire Rating in the Summer Village of Lakeview to a FIRE RESTRICTION. Website messaging and is in the process of being updated over the next 24 hours. See the following key messages related to this status change:

Fire Restriction:
Fire hazard conditions are at a level where fires can start and grow quickly. No open burning fires or major burn operations are allowed. Safe fires in approved fire pits, burn barrels/incinerators with screens, as well as gas/propane stoves, barbeques, and fire pits are allowed. Limited fire permits will be issued but may be suspended or canceled at any time. Please call the Village Office if you have any questions at all.

Apple App Store: Alberta Fire Bans  •  Google App Store: Alberta Fire Bans

Council and Village Administration

Community Garage Sale

The Summer Village of Lakeview will be having a Community Garage sale on June 10th & 11th, 2023.

For more information, please contact Administration at 780.691.4465.

No Dumping Vegetation on Municipal Land

This is a friendly reminder to residents that the Summer Village of Lakeview does not allow any type of dumping of vegetation, for example, grass clippings or leaves, on municipal land.

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Administration at 780.691.4465.

Looking for Snow Removal Assistance: Please Call

Cory Rogers, Sturcon Services Ltd. 780.691.4033

Attention New Residents

The Land Title Office is currently experiencing a substantial increase in real estate transactions, which has created a backlog.

Therefore, if you have recently purchased a property in the Summer Village of Lakeview (in the past 3 months), we may not have received notification and ask that you contact the Administration Office as soon as possible to provide the new owner and address details.

Please call us at 780.691.4465 between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Ice Rink Invitation

Come one, come all! Enjoy the "outdoor ice" Rink, provided generously by the Woodman Family.
The Ice is cleared and ready to go out in front of Thomas Woodman's property

We have been given permission to use the Woodman Rink, whether the Woodmans are home or not. The Woodman family just wants the rink to be used and enjoyed!

There are lights, hockey nets, pucks, and even a set of homemade curling rocks to throw around.

Please be careful, the ice can be extremely slippery, cleats would be a good idea if not skating.

Have fun and be safe for yourself and everyone else utilizing the outdoor ice.


Thank you to the Woodman family for creating the outdoor ice for all to enjoy!

-The Summer Village of Lakeview.

The Science Behind the Ribbon of Life
Why Vegetated Shoreline Buffers Matter

What is the Ribbon of Life and why is it essential to the health and sustainable use of waterfront properties?

The ‘Ribbon of Life’ is the natural shield protecting our freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams. It is what mitigates erosion, protecting the beauty and property values of waterfront properties. It is a haven for wildlife. It is a key natural feature increasing resilience to climate change for people and wildlife.

Watersheds Canada’s survey of nearly 200 Ontario freshwater stakeholders found that the science of inland water ecosystems was the least understood area of shoreline stewardship.  

Please view Watersheds Canada’s Chris Dennison on November 28, 2022, as he discusses the scientific literature supporting the restoration and maintenance of native vegetation on shorelands and the importance of informed policies that protect both properties and the environment.

Please click the link: The Science Behind: Vegetated Shoreland Buffers

Wabamun Watershed Management Council

November 17 at 10:08 AM  ·  Written by Neil Fleming

Environment Canada reported that during construction this past spring, the lake level reporting unit near the Wabamun marina was damaged resulting in no reporting data for Wabamun Lake being available. The unit has been relocated near the Sundance Power plant and is again operational. The bad news is that the current level is 724.04M above sea level, or about 51cm (20”) below the level of the weir, (724.55M). For perspective, the current level is still about 20cm above the record low in 2003 and about 1.13M below the record high in 1927. This low level means that no water has flowed from the lake for almost 2 years, making the lake stagnant and more susceptible to nutrients and pollution entering it. Whenever the issue of lake level is discussed, the conversation inevitably turns to the TransAlta water treatment plant (WTP). In recent posts, I have attempted to explain the purpose and function of the WTP, which maybe bear repeating.

Firstly, the purpose of the WTP was never to artificially control the lake level.

As a condition of their license to operate the Highvale mine, on the south side of the lake, TransAlta is required to contain all the precipitation falling on the mine site to prevent contaminated water from entering the lake. The water is diverted to their cooling ponds from where water is drawn and treated before being pumped to the lake. The amount of water to be pumped is calculated to be equal to the amount of water that would normally have reached the lake had the coal mine not existed. The goal is to mimic as closely as possible, natural inflows to the lake. So, when operating as designed, the net effect of the WTP is actually zero.

A major storm event resulted in the WTP being offline for about 1.5 years, but it has now been repaired and operational since August. Our very rough calculations suggest that the WTP contributes about 2.5 vertical inches to the lake level on an average year. We estimate that the lake level would be about 4 inches, (10cm) higher had pumping not been interrupted. The “water debt” that accrued during the period the WTP was not operating will be “repaid” by incremental volumes over the next two years (approximately).

In dry periods, like we are currently experiencing, evaporation results in water loss and greater nutrient concentrations which contribute to increased aquatic vegetative growth and algae blooms.

The cyclical nature of the water level is displayed by the graph on the Water Level page of our website and emphasized by the fact that only 2 years ago, many were complaining that the lake was too high!

You are encouraged to visit our website, to get a better understanding of the factors contributing to lake level.

Written by Neil Fleming

A Watershed For All

Take a look at the work being done by the volunteers of the Wabamun Lake Steering committee. These folks have been working on behalf of all of us who enjoy spending time at this wonderful Lake just west of Edmonton. Recently a Watershed Plan was released by the committee that worked closely with other stakeholders within the watershed. This is just a brief overview of some of the issues Wabamun Lake faces.

Watch the video: A Watershed For All

The Stage 3 Wabamun Vision survey is now live! 

Click the link: Wabamun Survey Stage 3

Wabamun Watershed - A Plan For All Seasons

Let's Go Outdoors says:
It was an absolute pleasure to work with the fantastic volunteers at the Wabamun Lake Watershed Council. In this video, I continue my understanding of the Wabamun Lake Watershed plan and how many partners representing various levels of government and volunteers have come together to work towards a common goal. As you will see, the work required to maintain a healthy watershed is a year-round process.

Click to Watch the video from Youtube: Wabamun Watershed - A Plan For All Seasons

Let's Go Outdoors is based in Alberta, Canada. Host Michael Short runs a fully integrated media company that provides outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists with news and info about Alberta's outdoors.

Highvale Mine Decommissioning and Reclamation Plan February 2022

Highvale Mine Decom Reclamation Feb. 2022.pdf • 3.9 MB

Help us Imagine an Amazing Next Chapter for the Wabamun Area

Parkland County is looking for your input to help shape a long-range vision for the Wabamun Area. This work will inform the future of the region, helping the County make consistent, coordinated decisions about planning and development. The Wabamun Area Vision process will run until March 2023.

The vision needs to be shaped by the community. The Wabamun Area community brings valuable knowledge and instinct to the process — a lived understanding of the area’s challenges and opportunities. There will be several windows for community input throughout the plan’s development.

Stage 1 of the engagement took place from April 4 - May 23, 2022. Thank you to everyone who participated in our online survey! We received over 400 responses.

Stage 2 will be taking place in July 2022. Please join us for the following events:

July 8: In-person drop-in public session from 6-8 PM at Jubilee Hall

July 9: In-person drop-in public session from 2-5 PM at Jubilee Hall

July 10: Pop-up display and activities at the Farmers’ Market from 12-3 PM at the Wabamun Fire Hall

Can’t make it in person? Join us for a virtual session on July 12 from 6-8 PM (register here) or complete the online survey which will run until July 31.

Wabamun Area Vision/ Stage 2 Survey

Click on the link: Stage 2 Survey.

Alberta Environment and Parks Outreach Services

Please click on the link below for the Mooring Standards Survey

Fireworks in the Summer Village of Lakeview are Prohibited.

Bylaw # 3-09 Bylaw to restrict the firing of fireworks within the Summer Village.

Residents wishing to inquire about setting fireworks off within the Summer Village can submit a written request for special permission from Council.

All requests are to be sent to

Shoreline Modification

For Information on Shoreline Modification, please click the link below:

Sixtieth Anniversary of the Summer Village of Lakeview

This Booklet was commissioned in commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of the Summer Village of Lakeview.

Booklet Commemoration 60th Anniversary of Lakeview.pdf • 427 KB

Wabamun Lake Boat Access

For information regarding the Engagement Sessions regarding the Wabamun Lake Boat Access, please click the link below.

Wabamun Lake Boat Access Project.pdf • 414.3 KB

Birdhouse Donation

Many thanks to Resident Rene Hebers for the delightful collection of birdhouses he donated to the Summer Village!

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