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Summer Village of Lakeview
Regular Council Meeting


The Council meeting will be held Via Telecommunication.

Join Zoom Meeting: TBA

Find your local number: TBA 

Please call the Administration Office for details. 780.691.4465

Current Level – Fire BAN

Effective immediately, the Summer Village of Lakeview is under a Fire Ban

No outdoor fires are permitted until further notice, including screened fire pits, burn barrels/incinerators, recreational fire pits and charcoal briquette barbecues. Only gas and propane appliances such as barbecues, stoves and fire pits are allowed. Fireworks and exploding targets are also prohibited until further notice. All current fire permits are suspended/cancelled and no new permits will be issued.

We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate with you when the fire hazard for the Summer Village of Lakeview changes.  You can also monitor and sign up for fire hazard notifications at


Thanks, Summer Village of Lakeview

Land Use Bylaw Review
The Summer Village of Lakeview is embarking on an important project; the update the Land Use Bylaw within the Summer Village. The Current Land Use Bylaw is over 25 years old and does not reflect current provincial requirements. The purpose of the update is to improve the readability of the Bylaw and bring it up to date with current development trends and provincial regulations.

The purpose of Newsletter #1 is to provide residents with background information about the project and outline the opportunities for community members to get involved.

The Land Use Bylaw establishes regulations to guide how land is used and developed. It divides a municipality into different districts or zones, and identifies what uses are either permitted or discretionary for each district.

The Land Use Bylaw also includes procedures for submitting, processing, and deciding upon subdivision and development applications. For some specific land activities, land use regulations are included to provide further clarity on how these activities may be developed in the municipality.

The purpose of a Land Use Bylaw is to separate use that might conflict with each other, and to protect property owners and residents from developments that may negatively impact the use and enjoyment of their property. The Land Use Bylaw must be consistent with the Summer Village’s development goals and objectives established in the the Summer Village of Lakeview Municipal Development Plan.

You will have multiple opportunities to contribute your feedback during the project. Once the draft Land Use Bylaw is prepared, it will be available on the Summer Village website for community members to review and provide feedback.

Online Survey
Help us better understand your community and what you envision for the future!

Please complete the Online Survey by June 7, 2024 using the link below or QR code located in the newsletter below.

Yellowhead Regional Library - YRL 2023 Annual Report

Read the Yellowhead Regional Library's 2023 Annual Report today!
Don't forget to take advantage of the significant resource of knowledge in organized literature!

FireSmart Neighborhood Awareness Workshop
The recording of the FireSmart Neighborhood Awareness Workshop is now ready to be viewed!

Click the Button to Learn more about FireSmart

The Summer Village of Lakeview has been experiencing illegal dumping on Municipal Property. Specifically, we have been finding piled brush and yard debris in the fireguards. This is incredibly unsafe in our current climate and defeats the purpose of why the fireguards were installed in the first place.

The Kapasiwin Transfer Station, located at 3503 Township Rd. 533A, RR 35, N of Hwy. 16 takes yard debris and brush. As it costs money and resources to utilize the transfer stations, we ask that residents take it upon themselves to properly dispose of their yard waste.

Dump Cards are Required. Please contact the Village Office at 780.691.4465 if you require a dump card.

Click the Link to go to our  Public Services Page for more information. ->

Free FireSmart Home Assessments

Parkland County is now offering free FireSmart Home Assessments to residents of Lakeview.
County residents can get a free FireSmart Home Assessment to learn how to protect their homes from wildfires. Each assessment takes about 30-45 minutes, and it's important that you're there too. 

Our FireSmart experts will:
1.     Tour the outside of your house and yard for things that increase your risk during a wildfire.
2.     Provide a customized report based on what they see with actions on how to reduce the risk of damage by wildfire.
3.     Share helpful tips to make your home less susceptible to wildfires.

If you've completed the suggested safety improvements in the report, you can ask for another assessment later if you wish.

Click the Button to go to FireSmart's Home Assessment page.

Speed Limit Change

Please be advised, that the Summer Village of Lakeview
has changed its speed limit from:

30 KPH to 20 KPH
This speed change is effective immediately.
Should you have any questions, please contact the Village Office at


Thank you,
Council and Village Administration

2024 Removal of Caragana from Lakeview

As you know, in 2022, we received the Forest Assessment Report for Lakeview. Since then, Council has been on a mission to comply with all suggestions for the health and safety of Lakeview and its natural environment. One area of concern is the suggested removal of all Carragana from ALL of Lakeview. As the Caragana trees and shrubs are not native to Lakeview (or Canada, for that matter) and are, in fact, invasive, we would like to inquire with residents about removing them. With a little diligence and planning, we can keep our Village intentionally beautiful. But we need your help!

Proposal:        If enough residents are interested in cutting down and bringing all fallen/cut Caragana debris
                           to the road, Council will cover the costs of woodchipping and removing debris from the Village.

When:              Spring 2024

More Information:
At the August 30, 2023, Regularly Scheduled Council Meeting, Council discussed options for the removal of the Caragana trees and shrubs in Lakeview. As per recommendations made from the 2022/2023 Forest Assessment, Council has decided to collaborate with residents to seek levels of community interest in handling the problem as a team effort.

We are asking all residents in Lakeview to please contact the Village Office with their thoughts on removing the Carigana from their properties. Would you be interested in taking on this project in the Spring of 2024? Let us know!

We will be collecting responses at and 780.691.4465.

Council and Administration


Caragana arborescens, the Siberian peashrub,[1] Siberian pea-tree,[2] or caragana, is a species of legume native to Siberia and parts of China (Heilongjiang, Xinjiang) and neighboring Mongolia and Kazakhstan.[3] It was taken to the United States by Eurasian immigrants, who used it as a food source while travelling west. In some areas of the United States it is considered an invasive species. Introduced on the Canadian prairies in the 1880's, the hardy caragana provided shelter-belts, wildlife habitat, nitrogen fixation, and wind-breaks to prevent soil erosion and snow drifting.

It is a perennial shrub or small tree growing 2–6 m (6 ft 7 in – 19 ft 8 in) tall.[3] Typically, it has a moderate to fast growth rate, being able to grow one to three feet during the first year after trimming.

The leaves vary from light green to dark green, and are alternate and compound with many small leaflets. Fragrant yellow flowers bloom in May or June. The fruits are legumes which contain many seeds, and ripen in July. As the seed pods dry they have a tendency to twist and pop open, releasing the seeds.[4]

Wabamun Lake Boat Access

For information regarding the Engagement Sessions regarding the Wabamun Lake Boat Access, please click the link below.

Wabamun Lake Boat Access Project.pdf • 414.3 KB

Birdhouse Donation

Many thanks to Resident Rene Hebers for the delightful collection of birdhouses he donated to the Summer Village!

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